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Thursday, 21 February 2013

Realism or Abstraction ?

Where does realism end and abstraction begin? Here the images above are painted from life on a beach at Southport as the sun is setting. This is done in watercolour and the light was changing constantly. The second images are entirely playful where there was no object of interest only exporation of materials.

Leaf & Fossil Series

This is a scan from an old series of paintings I
did some time ago all about impressions from
what remains. It was a period of experimentation
on small canvas's with acrylic, glue and gold paint.
Imprints of real plants pressings and linocut
20cm x 26cm framed in blue painted frame

Saturday, 16 February 2013

Reclining Pose

I always look for a strong form within my life drawing
Here the hands lead along the arm to the hair which
contrasts against the line and form of the back. I like
reclining foreshortening  poses as they offer a challenge
as well as a a more interesting composition.

Sunday, 10 February 2013

Coldest Dive ( so far )

Dived at Rastatt  - Plittersdorf today in the bright sunshine
However the outside temp was - 8 degrees and the water
ranged between 4 and 2.7 degrees. So you might ask ..!

Why do you do it ?...

Well it puts you in a different place ...once under any other
concerns with life just disappear...there is a connection with
2 of the primary elements, water and air, which puts you in a
special state of mind a sort of calm peaceful  place ..try it out..!