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Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Starting Points

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The Starting point for all drawings is critical and for me never arbitrary

For instance I always start with one eye and look for where the “lines” of the Pupil pass behind an eyelid. In the example from my self-portrait (previous post) you can see  4 crossing points .
These are my “anchor points “ Everything else must now relate back to these. (image left )
The orange lines represent what my eye is doing when looking at something in terms of the
“measurement and relationships” between horizontals, verticals and curves etc .
From the image on the right its easy to see that the bottom of the glasses lens is far greater than that of the distance from top Eyelid to Glasses rim above. So I draw it like that …It’s what is there …..it’s what I see ...
Don’t Think and Guess….look , look again (maybe look again) until you see and draw it as you see it.
That,s it ...
nothing special ....no magic trick...its NOT a gift ...we can ALL draw   


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