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Saturday, 19 October 2013

Free-Diving & Static Apnea

So I have recently completed my first Free-diving course at the Esslingen Tauchturm with Malte the instructor.

After doing lots of snorkelling and scuba over the last couple of years I had become increasingly interested in "equipment free" diving. And so did this course to learn more about technique and safety in order to free-dive properly...

So why free-diving ... well I guess its a total sense calmness whilst being immersed in a water without panicking at the first onset of convulsions for air...

So if anything the course has propelled me forward into learning about Breathing and how to control the breath so that you can dive longer and safer.

Before the course I had a Static Apnea breath hold PB of 2mins 26 seconds 
Its now 3mins 37seconds...

Dynamic No fins pool distance prior to the course was 35 metres and I haven,t had the opportunity to test that yet

A long way to go but I,m hooked now and cant wait for a chance to do this in open water.

And the one thing you learn on the course that is essential

(even during horizontal practice in a swimming pool )

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